A new "bonus movie" (as HEYZO calle it) came out today !

Mihane’s Orgasms With Toys : Mihane Yuki

A 22 minutes scene, probably shoot a moment ago

You can see trailer/photos, and get this video in PPV on AVEntertainements here (DRM Free)

And last month another video came out, Hospitality -Girls Know How To Tity Fuck-, with one GOOD scene with Mihane. And the shooting looks recent.

You can see trailer/photos, and get this video in PPV on AVEntertainements here (DRM Free)

Please consider buying some her video(s) (the "bonus movie" only cost $8.50) so we can hope a proper new come back !

Thanks !!!

It's been a very long time since I didn't post here !
But there is nothing to say more, there is no new video who came out since january, only 2 DVD with old videos et with other girls that you can buy here :


and here :


Mihane is retired again it's seems, this time I'm pretty sure of it, even it's maybe the COVID who keep her away from shooting, but I really don't think so, JAV World does not seems impacted by it.

I check from time to time the "TOP 30" of the best selling movies from AVEntertainments, especially when a new Mihane's video has come out, and I don't remember seeing something like that already, the new video is NUMBER 2 (yesterday was number one) AND 3 other old Mihane's video are also on that "TOP 30" !!!
That's a very good and encouraging news !

Please consider buying some Mihane's videos, so she can continue doing her job, and us drooling by seeing her in other videos !


So the video came out today !

You can get this video in PPV on AVEntertainements here (DRM Free)

That video, and other, is also available on Caribbeancom by taking a membership :

Great news, a new video will come out january 13 !!!

And for once we are warned well in advance, it's cool! So there is no video preview yet, only this photo.

Back in 2017, when she make her come back, I couldn't imagine that 3 years later she will do more video.
But only 4 were came out this year, in 2019. And I have to admit, her recent work is a little redundant. Her best uncensored periode was the end of 2017 with 3, differents, very good videos.

And for those who is interested, AV Entertainments make its "New Year Sale", with all Mihane's DVD/Blu-ray at small price :


A new, short, video came out today !
"THE Unreleased Footage -I Cup Titjob- "
The title of the video seems to say that it's maybe from an old footage.
Here some photos from the video :

The video is 18 minutes long, with only boobjob/blowjob, and you can get it for $8.50 on AVEntertainments,
so it's not much $ for showing to Mihane's work some support.


That video, and other, is also available on Caribbeancom by taking a membership :


cool ! cool ! cool !
The new video is out on Caribbeancom by taking a membership BUT also in PPV on AVEntertainments !

AVEntertainments :

Caribbeancom :

Japanese website :

But I can't make GIFs of the video for now, cause I can't download the video, I have internet connection issues...

Please, please, please, consider buying that video so maybe others will follow ! If you like an actress, you should support her work :)

I want to add, it's a really good news that a new video come out, but that doesn't mean others will follow.
In that new video Mihane have the same exact haircut, she's shaved also, that in "Princess Collection" who came out in the beginning of this year (and also in "No-bra Wife In the Morning" who came out in June)
So I believe this 3 videos has been shot at the same time, and be distributed during the whole year.

For other video to come out, this one must sell as much as possible.

An unexpected news after 3 months, a NEW video just being announced on "Caribbeancom" !!!
"The Tasting Of 110cm I cup"
It will come out October 15th. Hopefully, the video will be also be available on AVEntertainment in PPV.
Here some GIFS that I made from the video teaser that you can see here :

COOL !!!

Great great news !
A new video came out today :
"No-bra Wife In the Morning"

Please, consider buying that video, I really hope to see that she on the selling top tomorrow !

You can get this video in PPV on AVEntertainments here (DRM Free)

A small news, a new DVD from a video that came out on the beginning of 2018 :
"LaForet Girl LLDV 31 Lesbian Orgy Hot Spring : Mihane Yuuki, Sakuya Nishizono, Yuu Toyoda, Hiromi Ookura"
I still don't understand why "Lesbian Orgy", since they almost doesn't touch each other...
It's one of my less favorite video of her uncensored videos,
But still contains good moments :

You can pre order your DVD of the new video here :


A new video is out today on 1Pondo!
With 6 other girls, Mihane apparently has only a masturbation scene, and I'm pretty sure it's something shot in 2018, maybe 2017 (she has exactly the same haircut seen on "Fragrance Lesbians - Yuuki Miu & Nishizono Sakuya" released in January 2018)
+ the scene does not look so good...

You can see the teaser, and take a 1Pondo membership (there is 9 video of Mihane on 1Pondo), here :


EDIT 30/04/2019 : That video is available on AVEntertainments in PPV, cool ! I just bought it and will watch it later today and maybe make GIFS ;)


Ok, ok, ok, ok, so that new video is almost perfect !
It focus a lot on the beautiful face of Mihane, and I love the way she talk in that video (and she's talk a lot),
it's by far the most well directed video from her uncensored period !
I have 20 minutes left to watch, and it will be probably show more of her beautiful body (lot of blowjob and rubbing for the 45 first minutes, and I won't complain !)

Please, consider buying that video so maybe other videos will come !

You can get this video in PPV on AVEntertainments here (DRM Free)

You can buy a physical copy (DVD) on AVEntertainments here : http://www.aventertainments.com/dvd/...

You can get this video on 1PONDO here (DRM Free) by taking a membership :

it's Golden Week sales on AVEntertainments, so ALL DVD/Blu-ray of Mihane are on sales!
Even the new DVD, "Merci Beaucoup MXX 19 Chubby Body : Mihane Yuuki", from 24.50 to $14.50,
and it came out today !


And the new video (who is on the DVD) is already available on 1Pondo :


But I wait to see if it will appears on PPV in AVEntertainments, because a membership to 1Pondo cost $65
(I came across a tweet in japanese say that it's "SPRING CAMPAIGN 2019" and with the code "1PON10DL" we get a $10 discount, I don't know if it will work in their english website)

A collection, it for expose !!
So I redid certain covers, more "soft", print and put all on my wall !

So according to the site where I found these photos,
the new video will be available on April 26th on 1Pondo,
I hope that it will also be in PPV on AVEntertainments,
because the subscription to 1Pondo is $ 65 for a month !

For the other photos taken during the shooting, go here (where I find them all) :

Please pre order your DVD of the new video here :


A japanese tumblr friend of mine send me the 5 DVDs that my collection missing (of course I paid for them ; )
So I have now the complete collection (I will receive the new DVD in a month),
even the 4 "best of" where she appears !

And also I bought a selection of commercial that appear in magazines :

As an adult fan, and not a teenage fan, I would prefere the complete magazines with the commercial in it.
But I don't wanna complain + It was sold like that.

And I wanna say japanese people are the best !
We don't talk everyday with that friend, it's very complicated cause we both use Google Translation, and with the japanese language is not very good good,
and he accept anyway to order the items for me, participe to the auction, send all to me.
+ the first time he did that for me (for some commercials also months ago), he was very surprised that I refund what he order for me before I receive it :)

And all very well packed, DVD with each their own protections !

+ he sent to me some DVD-R and commercials with the actress that he love, and I like, that videos is pretty hard to find !


Video teaser for the new video is out ! You can watch it here :


That sound good ! Mihane looks beautiful !
Please consider for pre-ordering your copy of the DVD,
So far, It only ranked only one time at the 22 spot on the "DAILY TOP 50" of AvEntertainments....

Here is something I really did not expect, a new Mihane Yuuki DVD, with 1 hour of unpublished video !!!

"Merci Beaucoup MXX 19 Chubby Body : Mihane Yuuki"

The last unpublished video released from Mihane was 8 months ago!
And I have the impression in view of the photos that it was shoot recently.
it should logically also go out in PPV, but when?
The on AvEntertainments is a DVD pre-order for 4/26/2019.


it would be great if the DVD is much pre-ordered.
It last 125 Min and contain also "MIHANE YUUKI - WEEKEND MODEL" who came out last year in PPV
125 Min of new material would have been a dream, but, I'm not gonna complain.

I can't wait for the teaser and more photos of the video !

Soon, thanks a lot to my japanese Tumblr friend, I will have a complet DVD/Blu-Ray collection of Mihane's movies !
So I start my project to reprint the covers of my DVD collection, so I could put them in good place in my flat.
This one, for starting, will not have been the most difficult to do I think.

In the same spirit I already made this cover :

But I do not have the DVD yet, so I’ll print it later.


So during my daily search of “ゆうき美羽” on “google image” I came across this picture, unseen before, but from a 2017 photo session (I know 5 others photos of the same session).

And that’s cool.
I find it on a, I first believed legit/cool website (because it was one of the first website with whom I discover JAV back in 2013), but after I had take a trial for 3 days for 1$ (only to see what video of Mihane they could propose, no way to know without paying) I see on the Mihane profile page :

“ 0 Porn Videos with Mihane Yuuki “

So it’s not cool, ok it was for 1$, but now I have a hard time to cancel my auto renew subscription. And that it’s really not cool (but don’t worry, I used a virtual card, so they can’t take me more than 1$ ;) )

So I still believe that a legit website, who will eventually propose some old Mihane’s videos.
Cause why/how they would propose an unseen photography for her photo profil.
But not a cool site, I will not pay the 1$ again to check.

here the 5 others photos ;) :

I just screened a new t-shirt!
I know, a new Mihane's video will be a better good news, but not gonna happen....

Yesterday I received my DVD "KIRARI MMDV 14 Deepest SEX With Big Tits Girl: Mihane Yuuki, Mei Ashikawa, Marika Izumi" from AVEntertainments.com


NOTE: They send the DVD + the "Cover Label" (but not the box)

And here my DVD/Blu ray collection now !

2 movies are missing (only sell from second hand, and I don’t know any japanese website that would send them outside japan).

And 3 best of, and I just find the website HMV that would send them outside Japan, so I will order them soon.


I just screened a new t-shirt!
very happy with the result, on the 3 different Mihane shirts that I made for myself, it's my favorite!

23 min.

You can buy those videos on AVPOSTING here :

EDIT (2018/04/10): An uncensored version of "J IDOL MIHANE YUUKI MOUTH AND TITS" on 1Pondo came out months after the release of AVPOSTING, you can get it here : https://en.1pondo.tv/movies/041018_669/...
But it's a SVIP video, so to get it you have to take a 6 months membership (!)

Few weeks ago I saw this video, who came out in last april, for the first time in this uncensored version, and WHOA !
Only blowjob, for 20 minutes.
So today I decide to rewatch the whole thing to make a lot of new gifs, but I could not go further the "on the floor" blowjob !
I think you can understand ;)

I search for Mihane Yuuki everyday on "google image".
And today I came across this, the photoshoot from her debut movie.
To be clear it's not photos taken from the video, but photos taken with a camera, and it's the first for me to have this from her 2013 carreer, so it's cool !

NEW DVD ! (with an old video...)

So after “ CATWALK POISON CCDV 08 M Chijo”, it’s “Deepest SEX With Big Tits Girl “that will be released on DVD (with two other girls),
it's a shame that it is not a Blu-Ray, but fortunately Mihane takes the biggest part of the cover + for the first time the photo is not photoshoped !


It would not surprise me that they are going out all her videography of 2017-2018 on DVDs

Project to make songs, and albums only using sounds from movies featuring Mihane Yuuki / ゆうき美羽.
It’s an hommage to her.
Of course I had only use Mihane's voice and ambiance’s sounds, not the musics that can be on those movies.

I completely forget to say that here, but “Chinguri Blowjob Special” came out in PPV last month.
So it’s a pretty good news, before, we have to take a membership to get that video.

For $19.50 on AVEntertainments :


It’s a cool scene. I wait the subtitles for it since few months…the guy wo supose to do it are very not reliable.
If you know a guy who could do that, don’t hesitate to tell me !

It's New Year sale on AVENtertainments !


I probaby will buy the 2 DVDs that my collection miss !

My Mihane collection !

I miss 2 DVD from her 2013 carrer (but hard to get, cause only sold on amazon.jp)
2 DVD from her 2017-2018 career (but already got the Blu-rays)

And back in 2013, I missed 2 auctions on supermm.jp (I was aware of them by retourning way back searching ゆうき美羽 on Twitter, but don’t know what these items was (cause these actions lead to 404 pages), maybe the 5 autographed photos I bought there in 2017 cause they wasn’t sold in 2013)

Thanks to a very kind japanese “friend” from Tumblr, I get the advertise, from a magazine apparently, for the first Mihane’s movie.
My collection grow !

Few month ago I did a TOP 10 of the Mihane’s gifs I had made. Of course I had selected a few more, so here they are :)

There you go. This is it.
From her first release in May 2013 to her last in July 2018. I don’t think we will see new videos soon. In any case not before several years if ever she remakes another comeback.
I know. I already said that many times. But it’s been 4 months without novelty.
But, by making all the Gifs from her whole videography make me really realize that I didn’t know at all, by heart, her 2017-2018 videography + I will commissioned subtitles for all her movies, so there is plenty years of being surprised by Mihane’s videos.

I want more, but I don’t need more. Thanks Mihane!

I came across this auction on buyee.jp


I really wonder what exactly it is, it is a press kit for her first movie back in 2013? (does that even exist for JAV?)
It’s seems an official product, but not sure (there are plenty pirate DVD for sell over the web (and there it’s seems not to contain the DVD).

Anyway I can’t take part of this auction, since it’s an adult product, buyee won’t let me.
If a very kind resident japanese follower could help on that, I could, I think, (with my VPN) take part of this auction all there is to do will to receive and send me the package, that would be awsome !
Please sent an e-mail to THISISMODERNLOVE@LAPOSTE.NET or contact me via my Tumblr.

I check Mihane’s schedule for escort service every day.
During one month or so, from here schedule, Mihane worked only few days.
As usual, this only brings questions, not answers.
Last release of an unseen video is from 3 months ago...

“RETURN ANAL FIDDLING“ is come out today uncensored in 1Pondo


(and the cooler thing is that I have still my 1 month membership from the last video who came out at the beginning of this month)
And other cool thing is that the other girls in the video are pretty too.
And other other cool news is that I will have subtitles for the Mihane’s part at the end of this week !

BTW I have, since several months the subs of the second part of “ Cute Beauty Boobs VIP Maid Service “, So If you want both of this subs please consider make a donation on my Paypal pot. I will make Gifs of both video with subs soon :

Here some previews gifs I made with the censored version. I will make gifs with the uncensored when I will watch it with the subs:

Cool news !
“No Bra Beautiful Jogger” will come out in DVD 28th september ! (I really hope a blu-ray version will show up soon, and it’s too bad that on those physical version there is no bonus, like making of or uncut scene)
And since “Beautiful Jogger” lasts 1H10 and this DVD lasts 2H20, I think there will be also the video “M Chijo : Mihane Yuuki” (cause that’s the name of the DVD, it’s a little hard to tell from the pictures on the cover, but I think is that)

You can pre-order your copy here :
https://www.aventertainments.com/product_lists.aspx?product_id=116901&languageID=1&dept_id=29 (I already pre-order mine!)

PS: It’s tiring their photoshoped covers...even if this one is less bad from her 2017 DVD/BLU-RAY. It’s not better like the cover I just did? :

and here is some gifs I did from that video :

2017-04-28 MDS-865

2018-06-08 MDS-881

2018-08-24 MDS-883

Mihane has appear on three “best of” since 2017, from her 2013 career.
You want to say “we don’t care about best of”, I don’t agree, cause the + of those released is that is the HD version of those scenes (only half of her 2013 videography was released in HD) BUT the MAJOR problem, is that it’s not the complete scenes !!!
And I really don’t understand, on those “best of”, why not put the entire scenes.
(+ 2 best of have the exact same edit scene………………..)
So on the 2 that I could check, the one with the same scene, from 35 minutes, we have 8 minutes on the “best of” edit version. And it’s a shame cause is one of the best Mihane’s scene :


Interesting fact, I guess, is that the 1Pondo version of this video is 5 minutes shorter than the AVPosting version. Mostly because the one on AVPosting has an introduction without much edit. 1Pondo made a cool montage with music. That's why the AVPositng version has no sound at the begining, a raw version of the introduction. AVPosting are very amateur... But it's cool to see, have, differences between versions.

So I taked a membership for 65$ on 1Pondo yesterday, before realising today that that video is also in PPV on my favortie website : AVEntertainments for $19.50. I didn't pay attention yesterday cause they misspel her name once again (I sent them an e-mail for that they can fixe that)
So I also bought it on AVEntertainements today :D I had some money left for not going on holliday, and I must support Mihane's work + AVEntertainements provide some photos that 1Pondo don't provide.

So you have the choice :

-Take a membership on 1Pondo for $65 for 1 month and have 4 Mihane's videos (individually they cost way more) + many more JAV uncensored videos.

-Buy that video in PPV on AVEntertainements for $19.50

-Buy the censored version on AVPosting for $5.98 and have 5 minutes of bonus and show support to Mihane’s works for a small price.

-Like me, buy on all those platforms :D

-Don't buy that video and not show support to Mihane Yuuki, and search it on the web for free, and be a jerk (specaly if you never buy porn videos but watch it anyway. Everything have a cost)

Uncensored version will come out the 09/01 on 1Pondo !

It’s cool + the first 8 minutes of the censored version on AVPosting has no sound….

You can find trailer and get this video (and many more) by taking a membership here :

After my ten favorite GIFS for the first year of THISISMODERNLOVE.com
Here my ten favorite photos!

ThisIsModernLove.com has 1 year !
The Tumblr way more, but I don’t know the date, and the first one was deleted by Tumblr, so I can’t find the date, around 2014 I think.
So here my 10 favorite Gifs that I made of her!
It was really, really difficult to choose.

種付け清純女子●生 ゆうき美羽 18歳 110cmIカップ
Innocent Schoolgirl Sex Mihane Yuki 18 Years Old 110cm I Cup

130 min.

I never had make much GIFS of this MDS-759 scene. But it's a good good scene !
Sometimes I wish that Mihane do censored stuff again. The movies were well directed, with so many good plans.
The uncensored video she's do since 2017 are, for the most, really bad directed/shoot (for example, in the maid video, there is a cut in the middle of a sentence. Or in another one, we pass directly to a teasing of the dick to a deepthroat in 2 plans...).
Those guys who make uncensored video seems to doesn't like their job and to not care.
I don't care much about censoring, the worst part if she do censored again, it will be on R18/DMM and with DRM again. And DRM sucks!

19 min.

You can get this video on AVPOSTING here (DRM Free) for $6:

NOTE : this video will probably come out uncensored at one point (surrely not before many months). But on AVPosting it’s less thant $6. So don’t hesitate to show to Mihane some support.

So “Lesbians Fragrance - Yuuki Mihane & Nishizono Sakuya” came out today in PPV on CARIBBEANCOMPR for $29.


Before, that video, in uncensored version, was only available by taking a membership on 1Pondo.
But it could be cool, for $65 for one month, you could get 3 Mihane’s video and of course other uncensored videos.


By the way I should put this “trick”, in the videography section, with all Mihane’s video and all the membership available, like CARIBBEANCOM (4 videos available for $49.50) , TOKYO HOT (2 videos for $44.95, and those videos are not available in PPV) and 1PONDO (3 videos for $65). It could be interesting than to buy the videos in PPV

ok ok, I only watch the first 8 minutes of that last video.
And since it's a blowjob/rimming video, AVPosting heavy censorship is really not welcome :

Making good gifs with this videos will be very hard, I really hope that this video will show up uncensored at some point.
NOTE : AVPosting buy videos from DreamRoom Production, who make at first video for uncensored market like Caribbean, 1Pondo, ...


Holly fuck !

Only two weeks after the previous release, a new Mihane's video came out today :O
I was not feeling this one at all !


And something new, there is rimming ! :

(only a 20 minutes video, but there is no intro, direct to the action)
But like the other video, only on AVPosting for now, so a big mosaic.
I really don't know at all what we can conclude to the fact that her two last video came out on AVPosting, a totaly legit webiste, but very very very small, with no cares of the custumer, or they never update their home page for example. They add a very big ugly moisaic, on the last video, the first 7 minutes has no sound. They just don't care. They juste seems to buy back, rejected, catalogue of Dream Room Production for cheap and sell the video for cheap after adding the mosaic.
That's smells the end.
But, I smell that already last year when a new video show up on AVPosting, and I found totaly by chance, I didn't know that website, and no one who I speak with seems to knew them either, and PAF, 6 other videos came out after. So as usual with Mihane who is not on social media, it's totlay vague.

So as usual also, please buy this video, only $6 and some pretty new stuff for Mihane, rimming !



I was finally able to watch the first 30 minutes of the video. And it’s pretty good, Mihane is beautiful, I love the pink sheets and the pink jacket.
30 minutes left to watch. I’m impatient !

On AVPosting for $5.98:


I will maybe not be able to watch that new video before few days (AAAAHHH)

So I just watched the beginning (by the way, there is no sound during the first 7 minutes...it’s “normal” I guess). And I get obsessed with this glamorous photoshoot ! Mihane is beautiful than ever ! So before I would make gifs from the rest of the video, I made a bunch of this intro

On AVPosting for $5.98:


PAF !!!
A new Mihane's video just came out out of nowhere !

On AVPosting :


I don't know why, but I hardly believe it but in the sametime since this morning I've got the feeling that a new video would show up on AVP.
I hardly believe it because her in her last video in June, she as sharing the bill with 3 other girls, and everything smells like the end.
SO please, please, pretty please, considere to buy that new video, it would cost you only $5.98 with the "50P-OFF-ALLAVPVIDS" coupon code. It's pretty nothing, and every sales counts, and maybe it will be not her last video, period.

The Undisclosed: Loves BJ More Than Daily Meals
THE 未公開~3度の飯よりフェラが好き~ 北山かんな・ゆうき美羽・美咲愛・如月ジュリ

You can get this video on CARIBBEAN here (DRM Free) by taking a membership :

PS: The gifs from her last video.
4 girls for 1 hours video. So it seems she’s near the retirement.
Cause one thing that I learned from the Emiri Okazaki interview on youtube, is that girls don’t quit AV cause they want, it’s cause they don’t sell enough after there begining.
So please, consider buying one of Mihane video.
There is still the censored version on avposting.com, pretty pretty cheap. And on AVEntertainments in PPV. Or with a a membership on Caribbean, Tokyo Hot, or 1Pondo, for 40 or 50$. you can have many Mihane’s videos.
And You can respond to me “I already have all Mihane for free”
That not the point.
For exemple I love Mitoma Umi, and every month I buy 1 or 2 movies on R18.com of her. I already have those movie for free. It’s just to show support. For her to be able to make more movies and me to see them.


So the new video came out the 6, I was not at home and only saw it yesterday.

The Mihane’s scene last 20 minutes. Only blowjob and boobjob, and it the one in her uncensored videography who filmed the worst, very bad editing, and almost always recorded from the bottom. So I’am very disappointed, and as always, I think is that her last video period (but I’m always wrong :D ), the fact that she’s share the bill with 3 others girls is not a good sign.

I will make gifs of that video maybe tomorrow.

You can get this movie on CARIBBEANCOM here (DRM Free) by taking a membership, to show support to Mihane’s work :


(and with this membership, for 50$ you can have this video + 4 other GOOD Mihane’s videos (+ others JAV uncensored video of course))


THE 未公開~3度の飯よりフェラが好き~ 北山かんな・ゆうき美羽・美咲愛・如月ジュリ

She share the bills with three other girls....
So, we can't expect more than a 20 or 25 minutes scene.

The three gifs below show absolutely all the Mihane part present on the teaser :

A pretty classic scene apparently, maybe with only blowjob (what I prefer, so it's cool).
Teaser can be found on this Caribbean page :

ノーブラの美ジョガーをナンパ ゆうき美羽
No Bra Beautiful Jogger : Mihane Yuuki

69 min.

You can get this movie in PPV on AVEntertainements here (DRM Free)

You can get this movie on 1Pondo here (DRM Free) by takng a membership :

Gifs I made from the trailers available on 1Pondo and AVEntertainments. Cause I didn't watch the new video yet. There is not a new video so often, so I wait for the right time.

You can see these trailers here:



And why not buy this video! Every sales counts !

A new video is out today !
“No Bra Beautiful Jogger: Mihane Yuuki”

On 1Pondo if you take a membership :

And also on Aventertainments in PPV (cool!) :

A small good news, but still a good news.

The video who came out last year “ MOUTH AND TITS “ censored on AVPosting has came out today uncensored on 1Pondo !
It’s a very cool video with only blowjob and boobjob.
Even on AVPosting it’s a short video that last about 20 minutes. Let’s hope that the 1Pondo version, with of other girls on it, will not be a cuted.
So If you have a 1Pondo membership don’t hesitate to grab that video :


And the censored version is still on AVPosting for only $2 :


I received the subtitles that I commissioned for “Cute Beauty Boobs VIP Maid Service - part 1” !
At first, I will share them with all persons who participate to my paypal pot, or better send me some Bitcoins (as I pay the guy that way)

More details here : thisismodernlove.com/projet/projet.htm

So the latest Mihane’s video has show up on AVEntertainments !
And I almost missed it cause they misspelled her name… (I sent them an e-mail so they can fixe that)
That video is available since 10 days….
I’m very happy that I could finaly buy it !


You can get this movie on HEYZO here (DRM Free) by takng a membership :

A quick review on the last Mihane's video.
I still have 20 minutes to watch.
A classic video, without surprises.
In the first place, I find it stupid to put her in such a sweater on the first scene, as on the cover, and not to make any plans of her back :O
There are some sublime moments/plans, but as often in her videography, it only lasts a few seconds. Or it's me who has strange tastes, but it's really frustrating.
Maybe she shot this video before becoming an escort, and retiring to the AV world.
If so, it's still a good farewell video ;)

So good news, Mihane’s videos are finally on the english version of HEYZO.
And the new video is already available !
But bad news, all this videos, including the new one, are “Deluxe movies” and more. So we have to take 6 month membership ($248 (!)) to download them all. Or 3 month membership ($128) for the last one and 1 more Mihane’s video, so pretty expensive.


I really hope that new video will show up in PPV on AVEntertainements.

So that video, who will come out on HEYZO (uncensored, but only on their japanese website and by taking a membership) march 21, is already on sale on AVPosting (but censored (and hevy one as you can see on the gif bellow) but pretty cheap, less than $6) . So only for fans or if you want that Mihane continue making videos, every sales count !


On the AVPOsting page of the video, there is also new photos from the photo session :


おっぱいをいっぱい責めながら濃密性交 ゆうき美羽

Gifs from the teaser that can be see here :

おっぱいをいっぱい責めながら濃密性交 ゆうき美羽

So there will be a new video on March 21st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see the trailer here:


So like every day, even without believing it, I check minnano-av.com to see if a new video of Mihane is announced…
New video on HEYZO on March 21st !!!!

But beware, it may be a video already released elsewhere, on minnano no visual is available and not on HEYZO either. But I think is a new video, because the title of the video does not tell me anything:
“おっぱいをいっぱい責めながら濃密性交 ゆうき美羽 -
Mihane Yuuki dense sex while treating many breasts”

Bad news is that HEYZO does not distribute Mihane’s videos on the English version of its website. No idea why ….


Mihane post today a photo on her diary (yes, a very small one, as always on this website….)
That’s the second time only she had post here since november.
Here her first message :

"ちゃんと投稿されてるのかな?(♡•×•♡) 今日はとってもちょーどいー天気で 服装決めやすくてたすかる(´◦ω◦`)💓 あ、ちゃんと出勤してますよ♡ww 会いに来て下さいねっチラッ( ͒•·̫|"

("Is it posted properly? (♡ • × • ♡)

Today is very weather weather
Easy to clothes decide (‘◦ ◦ ◦ ◦) 💓

Oh, I’m on the office properly ♡ ww
Please come and meet me (? · · ̫ |")


I really hope that a video profile will show up.
Even if they are always not so good.

I had missed one censored version video, MIHANE YUUKI GLAMOROUS MODEL.
I already have the uncensored version. But a collection have to be as complete as possible.
And for $6 that’s cool.


I just find out that “M Chijo : Mihane Yuuki” (also known on AVPosting “MIHANE YUUKI HORNY BITCH”) is on aventertainments.com !
That’s a terribly good news cause I tought that the only way to get it legaly was to take a 3 month membership on 1Pondo (the video is in on the VIP section), and it cost 165$ (!!!), so of course I couldn’t afford that.

But I just now bought for 19$50 that video. And I really want to pay (to a legit site) for videos of Mihane.
I even paid for the two version of the videos that had released in censored, and uncensored version. I am a collector.

You can get the video here :

+ there is bonus, 30 photos (in High Quality), and a lot are unpublished before. Here’s some :

And you can still get subtitles for this video (that I commissioned) by participating to my Paypal pot, or sending me some BTC. More info here

Someone asked me 2 days ago on my CBOX in the contact section if I accept BTC or ETH for subtitles contributions.
I just saw the message. First, thanks a lot to him to want to participate, I really appreciate that.
And the reponse is yes, I accept BTC (since I pay the guy with that)
For everyone who want the subtitles for MIHANE YUUKI BUSTY HORNY BITCH or just participate to the project here's my BTC address :


Don't forget to add your email address when you sending BTC

67 min

You can get this videos on AVPOSTING here (DRM Free / CENSORED):

Or on 1PONDO here (DRM Free / UNCENSORED)

And to everyone who's want the subtitles for this video, please participate to my Paypal Pot and I will send them to you.


More Information here : http://www.thisismodernlove.com/projet/projet.htm

So I watched the first 30 minutes of the video with subtitles, I could not go further !

I’m not sure I will share this subtitles for free, absolutely no one have participated to my paypal pot…………
So maybe I will share them only to the people who particpate.


I check every day http://www.minnano-av.com/ to see if a new video of Mihane has been announced.
And this morning my heart jumped.
But after a quick research (no visual was available on Minnano) it is actually "J IDOL MIHANE YUKI BUSTY HORNY BITCH" which was released last year on AVPosting... but good news, this time it's an uncensored version!
And even better, I just received the subtitles I commissioned for this movie.
Perfect timing!
I will share the subbtitles next week, when I will have check them.

Cool thing also. More photos of the photo session has been shared, here they are :

Hello people I don’t know !
So the next movie I’m going to commissioned subtitles, is the first part of his second video for Tokyo-Hot.

And after a quick calculation, finish subtitling for all Mihane’s videogrpahy just by myself will take 22 months :O (one hour per month).
I can not go faster, because of course I’m not rich. So I need you. Of your altruitism. To go faster by helping me pay for these subtitles.
I pay roughly $ 100 an hour. If you help me we could subtitle all the videos much faster.

They will, as usual, be shared for free after.
So I am really looking for people atruiste, nice, and in a hurry like me ;)

So I create a Paypal pot for the next video, the first part of her second video on Tokyo-Hot :

Please click here for making a donation, even a small one would be nice :)

And if this pot is successful enough, I will be able to commissioned the second part in the same time ;)

Thanks already to pay attention to Mihane, and having read that.


You can buy this movie on R18.com here :

I will share subtitles for this movie, that i commissioned year ago for his two first part, when I will get the last part, in a few months.


I’d never payed attention to this photo of Mihane in red bikini until today :O
Of course the photo is nowhere on the net in good quality.
I’ve really have to buy the DVD soon (only 2 DVD are missing from my collection) and make a good scan of it.


Sadly only on their japanese website :

I just installed a "CBOX", which you can find permanently in "CONTACT"

I transcribed the interview of the beginning from her first movie back in 2013.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-I guess its because you have never been filmed by a camera like this before?
Ever had videos of yourself taken in private?

-Oh..never? What about photos?
-No as well.
-No? I see..
Do you have a digital camera?

-I broke mine as I'm really bad with those.
-Broke it?
-Yea..I dropped it I think.
-I see. Such a waste.
-My parents forbid me from using them again.
-Oh..forbiddened? I see.
But you take photos with your phone, don't you?

-Actually, the camera function on my phone spoiled recently.
-That's really sad....I see.
-I think they (she's refering to cameras*) hate me now.
-That can't be true.
Well then, may I ask for your name?

-I'm Yuuki Mihane.
-You've some amazing boobs.
-I guess so.
-Btw, when did it start to grow so big?
-I think it was when during elementary school.
-As an Elementary school student?
-Was there a complex?
-Yes, there was.
That's why I kept bundling them up.
-I understand..it draws unwanted attention.
How was it always being stared at?

-I didn't like it.
-What about now?
-I guess that even if I cover them up, people who want to stare will still stare at them..
I've had enough..so I didn't really cared anymore.
-What happens what you board the train? Say..the last train?
-Actually, when I wear the appropriate fashion, and others take note of the that instead...
-they actually stop staring as much. I think.
-I guess you stand out more when you're consicous about covering them.
-Btw, may I ask about the size of your boobs?
-I cup, 100 cm.
-Let me see...A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H...wow that's so far down the line.
What about your bras?

-It's pretty hard to buy them when shopping.
-That's why when I go out with my friends, they get theirs easily while I'm left out.
-Oh..I see, its difficult to find your size.
-So they're really precious. Do you have have any shop you always go to then?
-Yes I do..
-They're amazing..
-That's embarrassing..
-Embarrassing? You have such beautiful assets so you should really stick your chest out.
Yes..it's such a waste for you to cover them up.

-Yes..definitely so.
-Have you graduated?
-Yes, just graduated from high school last month.
-Last month?
So..you're still 18?

Can't you tell?
-No..of course I can. Absolutely.
Well then..until recently, you were wearing school uniforms?

-Was it the blazer type?
-Ever worn the sailor-type uniforms?
-Yes, when I was in middle school.
-Which do you prefer? Blazer or sailor type?
-I love both of them.
-What about shirts?
-Usually the chest area doesn't fit, so I will wear one size larger.
-Could you choose to not wear them?
-But you still wore them?
-Because it's cold when the wind blows in..
-I see. I sure your breasts are alright..it's just your upper body getting cold, am I right?
May I ask you a slightly embarrassing question?

-No you can't.
I'm still going to have to ask you..

-Must you really ask?
Look, those people behind this screen are all eager to know more..
Everything about Mihane-chan.

-Want to ask me?
-Well then..when did you first had sex?
-That was..15 I think..
-First year of high school?
-No..third year of middle..around then I think.
-How was it? The sex.
-It's embarrassing...that type of question..I can't reply..
-Did it hurt?
-Oh..it didn't really hurt..
-Did it felt good?
-Did it felt good?! So did it felt good?
-Felt good?
Ok then...how many people have you had sex with?

-About 3.
-Oh..I see, all of whom you were dating?
-I see..so have you ever been picked up on the street?
-No..I've never been picked up before.
-Yea right.
-No its real.
-You just didn't realize its actually a pickup.
-Oh..is that so?
-Its possible.
He might just be disguising it really well...when talking to you.

-There was once..
someone followed me on the way to the train station.
-That's dangerous.
-I was catching the last train..
He offered to fetch me there.
-That's amazing.
-Unheard of.
-"I'll fetch you there", he said.
-I see.
-That's quite an experience. Okay..
You have experience in fellatio, am I right?
You like it?
Licking a dick.

-It's embarrassing..
How big is the biggest dick you have seen?

-Up til now..I wonder how big..
-Show it to me with your hands. The thickness?
-Something like this.
-That thick?
-That's really embarrassing...
-It's fine. You look good with that embarrassed expression.
-I see..
Felt such embarrassment recently?


that’s cool, I ended up finding someone who can subtitle for me Mihane’s movies.
Of course it’s expensive, it’s a lot of work.
So be prepared, in 3 or 4 weeks, I will give you, for free of course, subtitles of “J IDOL MIHANE YUKI BUSTY HORNY BITCH”.
As you can see below on the GIFS, the censorship is pretty heavy.
But I’m very curious about the interview at the beginning of the film (Mihane plays a horny role, sniffing cock, touching herself while doing blowjob, etc…, so I do not think it’s “her who talk”).
But horny Mihane seems pretty convincing so I’m curious.

I will commissioned one hour of subtitle per month. So do the whole videography will take more than a year.
And maybe strangly, but I’m happy about that. My relationship with Mihane is not over.

67 min

You can buy those videos on AVPOSTING here (DRM Free):

(don’t search on all the internet, this video as not been share for free (not even listed on Mihane’s videography websites except on mine), and you can have it for less than $6 ! So don’t be a jerk, and you will have free subtitle for it in less than a month)

this is a review of “Glamorous Mihane” in japanese from avgensen.com that I share with you with the permission of the author :

正統派美形の ゆうき美羽ちゃん 目・鼻・口のそれぞれが整っているばかりでなく 配置も絶妙 さらに 顔の輪郭も申し分ありません さらには HカップともIカップとも言われる おっぱい星人にはたまらない爆乳 こちらは完全に規格外 今回は「グラマラス」シリーズですから そんな素敵な美羽ちゃんの魅力を 余すところなく映し出しちゃおうという企画です

オープニングは 黒と青の下着と濃紺のセクシーランジェリーで 体をくねらせてポーズを取る美羽ちゃん 爆乳ゆえか 体つきはむっちむち お腹周りを中心に たっぷりとお肉が付いています 本編は 黒と青の透け透け下着の方から静かに始まります 窓を背景に立っている美羽ちゃん そこへ にやりと笑ったベテランハメ師(このところ良く出てきます) 近づいて 濃厚なキス・・・ カメラが引くと 改めて 美羽ちゃんの丸々としたお腹とTバック あれ? 今回は「妊婦フェチ」ものでしたか? 思わず そう思ってしまいましたが もちろん違います 美羽ちゃんは ブラの上から おっぱいを上下に揺すられ 手を差し込まれて揉み回されます 爆乳とは言え ボディサイズが大きいので違和感はなく 勢いよく飛び出している形状は 垂れる様子もありません 形はお椀型 乳輪と乳首は小ぶりで可愛い形です(色合いも綺麗) やはりこれは美羽ちゃんのお宝 最大の魅力でしょう

ハメ師はおっぱいに手を掛けながら 極小サイズのパンティに手をいれて 秘所の愛撫を始めます 美羽ちゃんは 小さな喘ぎ声を出し 徐々に高まってきている様子 やがて パンティは絞って横ずらしされ わずかな量の叢と 可愛らしい割れ目が見えました それは 大きなボディサイズと爆乳に似合わぬ 小さな小さな おまんこ 肉厚の秘唇は まさにぷっくりと膨らんでいて大福餅のよう 少々脚を開いたぐらいでは 中が覗けそうにありません ハメ師は 立ったまま指マンを試みますが その指先は のめり込むというか 吸引される感じです 指マンに続いては このぴっちりした割れ目に男根型バイブを試そうというのですが 果たして すんなり入るのでしょうか? 目を凝らして見ていると バイブのサイズが小さめなこと 滑らせるようにハメ込んだこと そして おそらくは膣液の助けがあって バイブは無事に進入を果たしました いったん入ってしまえば バイブはスムーズに動きます 外陰部を刺激する突起は 効率よくクリトリスを刺激し 美羽ちゃんは高まってくる快感に 喘ぎ声のトーンを上げていきます この後 なぜか急に網入りガラス越しの画面が変わって 後ろからおまんこを弄られる美羽ちゃんの姿・・・ ・・・(取りあえずこんな絵も撮ってみたかったという感じ)

それが短く終わると 美羽ちゃんは濃紺のセクシーランジェリーに衣装替えしています 何だか 訳が分からない展開ですが どうせガチンコファックの続きでしょうから 気を取り直して 先を観ることにしましょう・・・ 狭い部屋の一角に置かれた(たぶん)ソファベッド 美羽ちゃんは馬乗りになる姿勢 ここでおっぱいを愛撫されてから 全裸になっていたハメ師の巨きなチンポを咥えます 美羽ちゃんのフェラは どちらかというとまったり 時折 色っぽい視線を向けては 舌をよく使います

それに せっかくの爆乳を使わない手はなく おっぱいにチンポを挟んで パイ擦りをたっぷり・・・ パイ擦り 亀頭舐め パイ擦り 亀頭舐め パイ擦り 交互に繰り返して 気持ち良くさせてくれますが フェラ抜きはありません(このハメ師の場合はほとんど抜きませんね) 画面が暗転すると 今度は白いレースをあしらったセクシーランジェリーを着た美羽ちゃん 鏡の前でランジェリーの紐を解かれて おっぱいを揉まれます

一方 美羽ちゃんは右手でチンポを握ってシコシコ ここで ようやく会話があって 美羽ちゃんはお願いを伝えます 「チンチン挿れて」 ハメ師はさっそく 美羽ちゃんのおまんこを剥き出しにして立バックで生挿入 見事なまでに巨大なお尻を抱えて 腰を振るハメ師 いくらチンポがでかくても この巨尻越しでは

膣奥に届かせるのは大変そうです すると ここでまた画面が暗転して 訳が分からないことに マットの上の美羽ちゃん 衣装は再び 黒と青のブラとパンティ じっくりとガチンコファックを始める態勢ですが このヘンテコな構成はいったい何なのでしょうか? 作品が中盤を過ぎたこのガチ嵌め場面で 我々はようやく美羽ちゃんのおまんこをしっかりと観ることができます ぷっくりと肉厚の秘唇は ナチュラルな恥毛が半分ほどかかっていますが 剃毛処理の必要がないほど絶妙な生え具合

恥毛そのものも極細で柔毛 さらに 特筆すべきは 美麗な内奥 クリトリス包皮も小陰唇も 数㎜の厚みと幅しかありません しかも 色素の沈着はほぼゼロ (大和撫子としては異例のピンク) 縦長楕円のクリトリスも愛らしい さらに驚くべきことに 膣前庭と膣口はシンプルな構造で小ぶりですが 普通のおまんこなら ここだけ極上ピンクなのに 外陰部から続けて すべてがほぼ同色 美麗 一方 セックスプレイは 指マン クンニから ハメ師が立ち上がってのフェラチオ

ごくノーマルに進んで チンポの挿入は パンティの横からです (ボディが豊満なので ブラとパンティを多少のアクセントにしたいのかもしれません) 結局 抜き差しがワンワンスタイル・騎乗位に変わっても下着はそのまま 全裸にならないままラストへ向かいます

正常位になって 自ら腿を抱える美羽ちゃん 「自分から(脚を)開いたね ・・・いいよね (中に)もう出しても」 「中に・・・いっぱい出して・・・(喘いでいて意味不明ですがたぶん)」 「じゃ 出すね 中に」 「あっ・・・うっ・・・いっぱい出して・・・(今度は聞き取れました)」 高速に抜き差しすること数回・・・ 「あ イク・・・・あっ・・・イッた・・・」 激しい息づかいの中 美羽ちゃんの美麗な割れ目から 流れ落ちてくる精液

淡々と接していたハメ師ですが 「ホントにいっぱい出ちゃった」 自分の成した仕事に満足した様子です そして お掃除フェラの後 ハメ師は美羽ちゃんにお願いをします 「最後に・・・」

素敵なおっぱいに名残を惜しんで 軽くパイ擦りしてもらってジ・エンドです

評価は「推薦」★ ルックスだけならトップクラスの美形女優です(売り出しは美少女系) JKものにも良く出ていましたが今となっては昔の話 微熟女の領域に入っています ボディは110㎝とか105㎝とかいう巨大なおっぱいが最大の魅力です ただし規格外のサイズで形が良すぎるのは豊胸の疑いを捨てきれません ボディラインは年齢と共に豊満化が進んできてもはやギリギリ限界の状態 お腹周りの贅肉などは有り余るほど これ以上になるとマニアの領域です ちなみにHカップ以上の爆乳は他に・・・ 折原ほのか 霧島さくら 星咲優菜 北山かんな 成宮はるあ 美月優芽 里中結衣 西園さくや 南未果子 真菜果 女性器は肉厚盛りマンの美マンです(日向優梨にちょっと形状が似ています) 色合いの美しさは文句なしのトップクラス 鑑賞派は必見です 作品はいかにも寄せ集め感が漂っている凡作だと思います なぜこんな構成にしたのでしょうか?中途半端だし女性器の登場は遅い 脚本が粗雑なのと女優の質に頼り過ぎてしまったような気がしますね 美羽ちゃんのすべてが見たくなったらこちらで登録をしてください (本サイトが保証する安心の有料優良サイトへのリンクです)


SOURCE : http://avgensen.com/?page_id=9563

I just discovered that Mihane has been escorting for some time.
Back in 2014, when she started this activity she was no longer making movies.
So I guess the story repeats itself ....
Positive thing she does this via an English site and the service is for foreigners.
I """just""" have to go to Tokyo to meet my Idol.
it's still sad news.
Sad news, but she give me an enormus 2017 year, doubled the time of her 2013 videography.
Honnestly, I can't complain. Back when she has stop in 2013 I coudn't dream of what happen in 2017.

Thanks Mihane !


So that last Mihane's video.
Almost good.
First, the first 25 minutes is just about drinking, touching boobs, and laughing (on a 1h07 video, is way too much) . Second, I find stupid that for the first time she’s sharing the movie with another girl and almost have no sexual interation with her… Almost all is shown in this two gifs :

And, of course, there is some plans only on the other girl, and I don’t care about her (as you can see on my croped gifs), so since there is no interaction between the two, it’s pretty annoying for a Mihane fan like me.

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki
67 min.

You can buy this movie on 1PONDO here :
(For a limited time apparently, until January 7th)

Or on AVPosting here (with censorship) :

So the new Mihane’s movie who will came out tomorow on 1pondo is already on AVposting.
You can grab it for only 5.98$ (one month membership on 1Pondo cost 65$…)
with the coupon code :


But be aware that AVposting add censorship to the videos they sell, and a pretty heavy one :

The 1Pondo version who will came out tomorrow will be uncensored.

A new video will be released on 31/12 on 1PONDO一本道!

レズビアン大乱交 〜ゆうき美羽&西園さくや〜

Unfortunately, she is not the only actress on this video as you can see. And in view of the photos the video does not seems too good.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, but she spoiled me so much this year.

Would we be lucky that this year will be repeated next year ???

The second volume of the project to make songs, and an album only using sounds from movies featuring Mihane Yuuki / ゆうき美羽 .
It’s an hommage to her.

Of course I had only use voices and ambiance’s sounds, not the musics that can be on those movies.

You can listen, download, this album here:


It’s “New Year Sale” on AVEntertainments !

You can buy “LaForet Girl 83” or “CATWALK POISON 157” in Blu-ray + free streaming for only $19.50 !
( “CATWALK POISON 157” is better ;) )

So I started to make a new rating of Mihane's movies with a ton of new gifs!
You can check it here : MY TOP

My album of 2014, ゆうき美羽に、僕のすべての愛敬, made only from sounds of Mihane Yuuki’s movies, is available everywhere, except Itunes (who did not want a mixture of Japanese / French titles).
No external sound from Mihane Yuuki’s films was used.

SPOTIFY : https://open.spotify.com/album/0XnmXM35X5dVQlPWYHLQAT
DEEZER : http://www.deezer.com/fr/album/52555732
AMAZON.JP : https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B077T9D39V/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp?language=ja_JP


ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy that video here :
EN : http://en.caribbeancompr.com/eng/moviepages/112517_002/index.html
日本の : http://www.caribbeancompr.com/moviepages/112517_002/index.html

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy this movie on tokyo-hot.com her :

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy this movie on R18.com here :

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy this movie on R18.com here :

My new album with “da fuck”, THISIS MODERNLOVE - これは現代の愛です will come out on December 20th.
Again made ONLY from sounds of Mihane Yuuki’s movies.


You can buy that video here :
EN : http://en.caribbeancompr.com/eng/moviepages/112517_002/index.html
日本の : http://www.caribbeancompr.com/moviepages/112517_002/index.html

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

Sadly only on their japanese website :

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy this movie on R18.com here :

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy this movie on R18.com here :

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy this movie on R18.com here :

ゆうき美羽 / Mihane Yuuki

You can buy this movie on R18.com here :


You can buy that video here :

EN : http://en.caribbeancompr.com/eng/moviepages/110317_001/index.html
日本の : http://www.caribbeancompr.com/moviepages/110317_001/index.html

It not noticable on those gifs, but it's a "Time Stop" movie. I was a little disappointed by that before purchase it, but now I love this movie, Mihane is beautiful, and the story is good, cause there is time when the "Time Stop" end ;)

HEYZO 1608

Out today ! Sadly only on their japanese website :

I only watched the first 20 minutes, and WOUAH, her hairstyle is beautiful, ponytail <3


You can have this video here :

+ I finally update the videography section, sorry for the delay: $

続々生中~豊満ボディにドビュっと発射!~ ゆうき美羽
HEYZO 1608

The trailer is already here : http://www.heyzo.com/moviepages/1608/index.html
But But But, HEYZO provide Mihane's videos only on theire Japanese website... I don't know why. So it's seems that for that new video, who will came out saturday, it will be the same.... And take a membership on a all japanese website seems pretty problematic.
But Mihane, with her ponytail, seems more and more beautiful !


You can buy that video here :

EN : http://en.caribbeancompr.com/eng/moviepages/110317_001/index.html
日本の : http://www.caribbeancompr.com/moviepages/110317_001/index.html

I found out today that a new video of Mihane was coming out ... today!

Time Fuck Bandit Time Time Stopped Nurse Edition
タイムファックバンディット 時間よ止まれ ナース編

$ 29 is a bit expensive for 1h05 of video but hey, it would have been $ 100 that I would have bought anyway ^^

You can buy it here :

EN : http://en.caribbeancompr.com/eng/moviepages/110317_001/index.html
日本の : http://www.caribbeancompr.com/moviepages/110317_001/index.html

PS : a good news never come alone, another video will come out next week on HEYZO ! (no picture yet)

Thanks to @nbf2001 for finding where the intro of GG-206 was shooting!
I will maybe go to japan soon and of course I will make sure to take my picture is this special place.

The video is out, but not for me, I have an "ERROR 100" every time I tried to take a membership....
They said to me that it should be fixed, but don't know when. Great....

For a $49.50 you can have this new video, and the two excellent others (who is really in fact "CATWALK POISON 157 Share Girl : Mihane Yuuki" but add to Caribbeancom after the blu-ray came out)

I found out by accident that two new videos of Mihane are available on Avposting.com (one about 1h07 and the other 24 minutes, DRM free)
And it's a good and bad news. Bad news because sell thoses movies on a such minor website then that cannot be a good thing + even that is a Dream Room Production, this website censored the video, and very badly.
BUT, those two video are excelent, directed by the same guy who did "Glamorous Mihane Yuuki" I think. Mihane is beautiful and play very well. And the two video cost only $7.95 with the cupon "50P-OFF-ALLAVPVIDS" !

You can buy them here : https://avposting.com/search?q=Mihane+Yuki

They also sell "Glamorous Mihane Yuuki", but with censored. I recommend you to buy it on "ONEPONDO" instead ;)

A video preview of "The Work For A Secretary Vol.9" is available on Caribbeancom here:

Can’t wait to the 30th to see the whole video !

I’ve redo the subtitles for MDS-752 by convert them to .ass and correct some things.
You can buy this movie on R18.com here :

Left Top
"Director Secretary's (Mihane Yuuki )Jobs"

right top
"a capable secretary is the one who will do anything as long as being ordered"

(thanks to my friend for the translation :)

Great News guys !
New video of Mihane on Caribbeancom the 30th september !
“The Work For A Secretary Vol.9“



My second album for this project will probably go out on October 25th :)
you can listen the first album of the project, and the draft of the new album here : MUSIC

Don't hestitate to take a month membership on Tokyo-Hot, for JPY 5,000 (~ $45)
For that price you could have the two part of the new movie


+ the two part of the movie "Big Boobs Girl Shameless Cream Pie" who came out in march :


And of course plenty of other uncensored movies on Tokyo-Hot ;)

EDIT / Is the new movie on Tokyo-Hot is the last of the career of Mihane?
That is something I don’t know, I never now if the last movie would be the last in history.
Since her come back, in generale 2 month last between 2 films.
So If at the end of october nothing showed up, I will start to worry.
But in fact I’m worry already. I have the feeling that this one is the last…

under the name of Erina Fujimoto

You can buy this movie on tokyo-hot.com her :

The second part of this movie will come out tomorrow ! So it's the good time to take a membership to tokyo-Hot ;)

I make a new song for my album project to make music with voice of Mihane yuuki.
you can listen the first album of the project, and the draft of the new album here : MUSIC

You can buy "LaForet Girl 83" or "CATWALK POISON 157" in Blu-ray for only $19.50 !


( "CATWALK POISON 157" is better ;) )

I can't wait for this part 2 ! I'm counting the days !

HEYZO 1476

It’s a “bonus movie” (22 minutes)

You can buy this movie on HEYZO here :

Part 1 of a new movie of Mihane on Tokyo-Hot is now OUT !


Part 2 will be next week.
Don't hestitate to take a month membership on Tokyo-Hot, for JPY 5,000 (~ $45)
For that price you could have the two part of the new movie +
the two part of the movie "Big Boobs Girl Shameless Cream Pie" who came out in march :


And of course plenty of other uncensored movies on Tokyo-Hot ;)

EDIT 1 HOUR AFTER : OK, this first part is EXCELLENT (a little too much toys at the beginning … ). Very atypical in the videogrphy of Mihane, more violent.

I Am really looking forward to seeing the second part next week!


You can buy this movie on 1pondo here :

The part one of a new movie on tokyo-hot.com of Mihane Yuuki, under the name of Erina Fujimoto, will came out tomorow !
At 12:00 PM Japanese Time I think.


You can buy this movie on 1pondo here :

Under the name of Erina Fujimoto
N-1227 / N-1228

You can buy this movie on tokyo-hot.com her :


You can buy this movie on AVENTERTAINEMENTS here in PPV, Blu-ray, or DVD :


You can buy this movie on R18.com here :


You can buy this movie on R18.com here :


You can buy this movie on R18.com here :


You can buy this movie on R18.com here :